Global world is looking at India as the biggest hub for joint ventures in manufacturing and R & D...

Global world is looking at India as the biggest hub for joint ventures in manufacturing and R & D, Post Pandemic scenario will give more boost as multinationals would like to operate in transparent English-speaking economy of India. New strategies are being formulated as per change in opportunities, our paradigm will be based on consortium between technology exporters and IP reformers.

For most technology-based enterprises in developed world, require a more efficient ways to enhance their productivity and market share through de-centralization of responsibilities. This will create a new commercially viable product and business model which varies from case to case basis. The diversified new model can be the outcome of value addition that can generate higher productivity and revenue.

Innovation success includes taking a new product to market, where IP tools become very relevant in exhibiting these products on global platforms. Higher the exposure, better the chances of market share. These enable consumers to identify a product/service of a company and enable them to distinguish the product from other similar product through IP tools.

HK India is all equipped with our 210 team members and 48 inhouse versatile lawyers to give practical shape to global technology in India.



As part of IP fraternity, we are here to protect confidentiality of our inventor vis a vie the angel investors who are keen to invest in import of technology.

In today's scenario, we are fortunate that our office with 44 years of experience is geared to create a win-win situation that will open avenues for IP commercialization in a practical form that will bring new opportunities to global Trade and IP Industry.

Dr Bella Talwar is a part of HKIndia Law group. She and her vast versatile experience of 26 years in technology transfer will be an asset to our firm. She is a firm believer that IP and Industry are complimentary fields, once get together will provide very healthy and secured platform for export and import of advanced products, services,and technologiesthat India is geared to absorb.

Dr Talwar resides in Washington DC, as face of HK India to look after day to day needs of our clientele. Her personal presence helps in creating a very reliable and answerable platform necessary for growth, diversification and performance.


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